MV Francois Forester

Under John Harding's leadership, WaterBridge Fabrication Inc (formerly WaterBridge Steel Inc), constructed the MV Francois Forester in 2004 under contract for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  The Forester links the communities of the South side of Francois Lake to Burns Lake, and its surrounding areas, in Northern BC, and went into service on November 25, 2004.

The MV Francois Forester is an ice-breaking, 220 foot roll-on/roll-off, double-ended ferry capable of carrying 8 loaded logging trucks and 20 cars at one time.  It is operated by a well-trained, Transport Canada-certified crew of five.  The ferry operates 18 hours per day, 365 days per year.  It was fabricated in modules in Prince George, BC and then trucked to Francois Lake, BC, where it was assembled on the drydock belonging to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.